Go Green Longboarding was founded on August 7, 2006, with five original members. Since then, the team has grown to it’s current roster of Alex Kwiecinski, Mike Dallas, Derek Yerke, Jason Yerke, Peter Croce, Nic huffman, Peter Weinrauch, Nick Miller, Tom Risk, Taylor Francke, Chris Preville, Scott Teske, John Minelli, and Brian Cunneen.

GoGreenLongboarding.com is meant to be a place for not only the team members and their friends to keep in touch, but a place for all people who enjoy the sports of longboarding and skateboarding in all it’s forms in Michigan. We hope you’ll join us in our cause to promote a positive image of the sport, and contribute to the growth of what is becoming a thriving community of friends and athletes.


  1. I don’t care whether you’re Go Green or not, if you’re Michigan you’re skating with us! Get in touch and get involved.

  2. Graham says:

    I don’t know how often you guys check this site, but I have posted some forums on silverfish with pete croce and I’m graduating from high school this year.

    I won’t be going to michigan state, but I look forward to seeing some fellow longboarders in the future.

    keep riding guys.

  3. Not sure if you guys are making boards or not, but get at me, and let me know if you guys are looking for some decks. We would love to sponsor you guys. We make a 100% bamboo deck, with Michigan Beach sand as the grip tape. We will be there Wednesday.

  4. MIke Dallas says:

    Go Green Longboarding is my roots. skate or die.

  5. riggles says:

    you guys gotta set up more events or ever a sunday long boarding event at different spots in MI. I would die for this shit. love the vids too, where are your local hills?

  6. Alex says:

    riggles – I sent you an e-mail. We don’t post our spots publicly, but if join the forum and send me your username I can probably help you out.

  7. waxflowers says:

    Does anyone still run this?

  8. Alex says:

    waxflowers; we’re still around, but mostly on facebook. FB groups have pretty much replaced the need for our site and forum. https://www.facebook.com/gogreenlongboarding https://www.facebook.com/groups/skatemsu/?fref=ts

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