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The East Lansing Police Are Rad

February 1st, 2010

Last night Bill and I were banshee bungee’ing in the Hamster Cage. We hung out on the 4th floor because it was the driest and warmest. We were about 45 minutes in and have a great but cold time, and I saw someone in a beanie coming up the stairs from the 3rd floor. I thought, “Cool, someone is coming to watch us.” Then I see a patch on his shoulder and immediately am not stoked. The first thing he said was that he didn’t care we were skateboarding. Score #1. Bill and I got a little bit more at easy after that. He told us he got a call because there was a busted car window on the floor below us. I told him I’d understand why he’d question us since skateboarders don’t have the greatest stereotypes and he said that he wouldn’t have acted any differently if we were just standing there talking. Score #2. He asked if we had IDs on him and we said yep, then he asked if it was okay if he could run them through to dispatch. We said sure, because we both are clean. Dispatch was taking a while so he decided he’d go downstairs to his car to run it. He told us that he didn’t want to be in the way of our skateboarding so he said to keep going. Score #3. Right before we pulled back the bungee again another cop car pulled up and stopped right in the middle of the ramp. The cop we were talking to tells her to roll down her window and says, “You need to move! You’re in their way!” Score #4. So after they run it in the car and see that we’re both rock solid, they then say they’re going to stick around and watch us for a couple runs. We explained to them the bungee and told them to come back and skate with us. They said they didn’t care at all, they just wanted to make sure we had helmets and cell phones just in case someone got hurt.

I’m really happy to say that these guys did not fulfill the typical “pig” stereotype. If you’re reading this EL Police, thanks for being so awesome. We really appreciate it.

PS: Apparently banshee bungee’ing down a parking ramp isn’t the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen. One of the policemen said that he saw a guy rappelling down a garage once! I responded with the time old adage that if it a person is “crazy” enough to do something like that chances are he/she’s good enough at it to do it.