Garage Bomb Circuit #1 THIS SATURDAY 11/21 in East Lansing

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This Saturday we’re taking over East Lansing’s 5 best garages for a night of racing and fun.  Bring a helmet, gloves, and $5 and meet us in front of The Aud at 8 PM.  Full info here.


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  1. Wow, tonight was awesome. If you missed it, boo on you. We have a race in our own backyard and a whopping 2 people from MSU show up. Anyways, we had 11 racers to start, Tom dropped out, and then Al and company left, which left us with 9. We started off at Bessey with two 4 man heats and one heat of 3 then a big heat of 6 after. Jay pulled the victory out here, with me in 2nd and Derek in 3rd. Most people decided 6 man heats was bad so the next time we did 4/3/3 then 3/3 then 4. This ended up being much better. Comm Arts was fast as hell and came down to a diving finish between yours truly and Derek. The semi-final heat I was in was Eric from Cleveland, Conor, and myself. There was tons of passing believe it or not and was a great race. The heat before that resulted in Eric taking way too sharp of a line, hitting a puddle, and causing an epic pileup. 😆 I ended up winning with Derek taking second. We then went to Wharton, which ended up being ungodly packed so we hit the spiral a couple times and then left as everyone was pulling out their cars. We then took a pit stop at 7/11, holla’d at some bitties, and rolled out to the Hamster Cage. We could not have picked a better final garage. Underdog Terrel came up big and made it all the way to the finals, snatching up 4th place. Jay took 1st, Derek took 2nd, and Chad pulled out the 3rd place W. Conor and I had an awesome mono y mono consolation heat which resulted in me DQ’ing off the start (I false started hardcore.) Conor ended up taking 5th in Hamster with me taking 6th because of the DQ, but we did still have fun racing it out for kicks anyways.

    Afterwords we went back to Bessey to distribute the prizes then went to Wharton for some gnarly freeriding. The Cleveland crew brought their Banshee Bungee and holy shit, this is the greatest invention since urethane. We hooked it up and were instantly hauling serious ass down Wharton. Like 30mph hauling ass. After that we hit my favorite Wharton run and had tandem early grabs off of the jumps. We were killing it.

    I’m working on footage. I’m super busy tomorrow but I’ll try to get it tomorrow night.

    First Place – Jason Yerke
    Second Place – Derek Yerke
    Third Place – Peter Croce
    Fourth Place – Chad Brewer
    Fifth Place – Conor Doherty
    Sixth Place – Eric from Cleveland (I think)

    Chad won a sick deck made by the Bee’s Knees crew. It’s a 36ish” topmount with a 27ish” wheelbase with some concave and rocker. In a week it’ll be ready to rip, so we’re stoked to see a review from Chad!

    Danny from Cleveland took home some Sector 9 61mm 78A wheels.
    Conor took home a $15 Modern Skate & Surf gift card.

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