Madness In The Mitten 2 Results

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The Starting Line
The starting line, Picture by Marla Tolley

This year’s four mile push race saw 47 very competitive contestants. Skateboarders from all over Michigan made the journey, along with travelers from West Virginia, Indiana, New york, and Vermont. The weather was cold, and the majority of the race was spent kicking directly into the wind. A good time was had by all, and tons of prizes were given out thanks to the generous sponsors. The push race was followed by a slide jam, and a slalom event followed the next morning.

All the events went down without a hitch thanks to the great spirit of the longboarding community and the help of several volunteers. The trek to the slide hill turned into a hard and soft wheel jam this year, raising the local standard for freeriding and slide styles.

Having a timed slalom event is something new to Lansing, MI. There were roughly a dozen racers, and stoke levels were at a maximum. The Yerke brothers, makers of Bees Knees Boards ( prevailed, followed closely by their Go Green Longboarding teammates.

Official Madness in the Mitten II results:

Push Race Top 11
1st (tie). Jason Yerke and Bill Ris! Go Green/BKS (both)
3rd. Jeff Vyain

4th. Mike Dallas Go Green/Bustin
5th. Dan Holley
6th. Peter Weinrauch Go Green/Surf Rodz
7th. Chad Brewer Go Green/BKS
8th. Derek Yerke Go Green/BKS
9th. Cyp Overbored Bustin/
10th. Alex Kwiecinski Go Green/BKS
11th. Peter Croce Go Green/BKS

Hybrid Slalom
1st. Derek Yerke (14.77)
2nd. Jason Yerke (14.84)
3rd. Peter Croce (15.22)

4th. Alex Kwiecinski (15.41)
5th. Tom Risk (16.50)
6th. Dave Tolley (17.07)
7th. Andrew Burgess (18.17)
8th. Nic Huffman (19.07)
9th. Chris Preville (19.89)
10th. Jarod Davidson (20.59)
11th. Lance Pollo (25.25)
12th. Lola Oakley (26.08)

Tight Slalom
1st. Jason Yerke (11.26)
2nd. Derek Yerke (11.45)
3rd. Peter Croce (11.61)

4th. Tom Risk (12.42)
5th. Alex Kwiecinski (12.48)
6th. David “1998” Tolley (13.50)
7th. Chris Preville (15.90)
8th. Nic Huffman (17.13)

Thanks to Peter Croce for the below helmet cam footage

Madness In The Mitten II from Peter Croce on Vimeo.

Links to tons of photos, taken mostly by Nick Miller. The split links are on Facebook, or you can view the entire gallery on this site under the photos tab.

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Thanks to all the sponsors:
Comet Skateboards
Khiro Skateboard Products
Abec 11
GFH Boards
MSU Longboarding Club
Bees Knees Skathletics
Surf Rodz
Bustin’ Boards
Modern Skate and Surf
Daddies Board Shop

If that’s not enough for you to get your fix, head on over to the forum and post away! See you next year!

Madness in the Mitten 2 Announced

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Go Green Longboarding and the Michigan State Longboarding Club are pleased to present Madness in the Mitten II. Last year’s event featured 31 push racers and about 10 casual ride alongs from across Michigan and Illinois. The event was a blast, so we’re going to do it all over again, and this time we’re adding slalom.

Where: Lansing, MI
When: April 17th and 18th, 2010
$10 for push race, $5 for others – cash awarded to top.
Other prizes will be awarded/raffled thorughout the event.
The fastest Hybrid slalomer who has never attended an ISSA event will win a deck!

Itinerary: – (subject to change)

Saturday April 17th
10:00 Meet at Ranney/Registration
11:00 Push Race begins
12:30 Meet at Ranney, Prizes awarded
1:00 Lunch
1:30 Caravan to Slide Hill
2:00 – 5:00 Outlaw Slide Jam real laid back not a contest or anything.
6:00 Barbecue at Jays, maybe a few cones for fun
8:00 – 11′ ish Garage Skate/Garage Bomb Cicuit #2
Since we are all gathered up, if there is enough interest the garage skate will become a mini-series of races for those who want to. (similar to Garage Bomb Circuit #1).

Kick back at Jay’s house, everyone welcome to stay. limited room, so bring tents just in case.

Sunday April 18th
11:00 Hybrid Slalom,$5, location TBD. Jam Style 3 or 4 runs.
1:00 Tight Slalom,$5,location TBD. Likely single lane, maybe dual.

We are currently seeking permission for the hills. We have plenty of streets in a few different towns that we routinely set up timers and stuff on with no problems, so there will definitely be cones and times put down somewhere. Worst case scenario, we will travel 20 minutes to a country road in Mason. I will post hill updates as they come. The event is not sanctioned, and the main focus is for everyone to have a good time. We expect some good local competition to be there and we hope it can serve as a season warm-up for Midwest slalomers, and maybe convert a few skaters from saturday into slalomers. The fastest Hybrid slalomer who has never attended an ISSA event will win a deck.

Sign-up – I have written and hope to host the registration there. Entry fees will not be due until the day of the event, but please sign-up so we know approximately how many people to plan for, and so travelers can see how many fellow riders are expected. I will post updates as the sign up sheet becomes available.

Event on Facebook –

Go Green Longboarding
MSU Longboarding Club
Bees Knees Skathletics
Modern Skate and Surf

Last Year’s Video –

Questions? E-mail, or post in this forum thread:

The East Lansing Police Are Rad

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Last night Bill and I were banshee bungee’ing in the Hamster Cage. We hung out on the 4th floor because it was the driest and warmest. We were about 45 minutes in and have a great but cold time, and I saw someone in a beanie coming up the stairs from the 3rd floor. I thought, “Cool, someone is coming to watch us.” Then I see a patch on his shoulder and immediately am not stoked. The first thing he said was that he didn’t care we were skateboarding. Score #1. Bill and I got a little bit more at easy after that. He told us he got a call because there was a busted car window on the floor below us. I told him I’d understand why he’d question us since skateboarders don’t have the greatest stereotypes and he said that he wouldn’t have acted any differently if we were just standing there talking. Score #2. He asked if we had IDs on him and we said yep, then he asked if it was okay if he could run them through to dispatch. We said sure, because we both are clean. Dispatch was taking a while so he decided he’d go downstairs to his car to run it. He told us that he didn’t want to be in the way of our skateboarding so he said to keep going. Score #3. Right before we pulled back the bungee again another cop car pulled up and stopped right in the middle of the ramp. The cop we were talking to tells her to roll down her window and says, “You need to move! You’re in their way!” Score #4. So after they run it in the car and see that we’re both rock solid, they then say they’re going to stick around and watch us for a couple runs. We explained to them the bungee and told them to come back and skate with us. They said they didn’t care at all, they just wanted to make sure we had helmets and cell phones just in case someone got hurt.

I’m really happy to say that these guys did not fulfill the typical “pig” stereotype. If you’re reading this EL Police, thanks for being so awesome. We really appreciate it.

PS: Apparently banshee bungee’ing down a parking ramp isn’t the weirdest thing they’ve ever seen. One of the policemen said that he saw a guy rappelling down a garage once! I responded with the time old adage that if it a person is “crazy” enough to do something like that chances are he/she’s good enough at it to do it.

The MSU Longboarding Club

January 26th, 2010 by PeterTheMeter 2 comments »

I am pleased to announce that the MSU Longboarding Club is now official and recognized by Michigan State University. This is great news for us as it will hopefully get more people involved and maybe get a little more respect for our hobby/sport/whatever. I am going to set up the website later today but in the mean time check out the Facebook Group ( and stay posted for a kick-off party in late February or early March. Hopefully there will be free food too.

One more thing to throw out there: you don’t have to be an MSU student to be in the club.



The Results Are In!

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The 2009 ISSA rankings are in and it looks like Michigan has done a pretty good job in the rankings. Check it out, all are Men’s Amateur.

Jason Yerke – 28th Place
Derek Yerke – 32nd Place
Tom Risk – 117th Place
Peter Croce – 171st Place
Alex Kwiecinski – 253rd Place

These are all out of 664. Hopefully we’ll see some even more Michigan domination in 2010!